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Canada Day

Monday, July 1st, 2024

**No Flash Bangs, No Lasers**
Full seal ASTM-approved eye protection is required.
The game is set on a massive 35-acre map that includes a town, a prison, a forest with cabins, a pioneer outpost, a Helipad, and more.

Admission $45+tx
with an online waiver $40
10 am- 4 pm

The Final Conflict Operation – FLASHPOINT.pdf

Basic Rules

  • The minimum age is 14, or as young as 12 with the proper supervision (a mature/sponsor player).
  • FPS limit = 1.5 joules, Snipers @ 2.9 joules
  • Barrel socks are required.
  • Semi-auto Only for regular play
  • Ammo = Adrenaline field bbs only (reasonably priced, good quality).
  • Swords/Melees must be approved by the head ref or game boss.
  • Red  Base – TBA
  • Blue base – TBA


  • 10-foot Mercey rule. This is an ASTM international safety standard negotiable… Adrenaline does not set safety rules. We do follow them
  • Full-seal goggles are required. No glasses style goggles >> If they have arms on the side, we do not allow them.
  • No body contact, no abusive or vulgar language.
  • Call your hits, or just Do Not Play this game.
  • Two shields per team to be used on Your half of the field. (for defense)
  • Don’t shoot players in their base. Players that are inside their base may not be eliminated.

Game Play

  • Most of the game will be trying to Complete missions and collect resources needed to complete missions.
  • Games will be played in long rounds 10 am – 12 pm, and 12:45 pm – 4:30 pm. Pack a Lunch
  • Medic rules: Payers may always reinsert from their base. Players will have to present a kill card and have it punched by a medic.
  • Players will wear a 10″ribbon, and players can not misrepresent their team colour.

Medic Rules

  • Players can be healed by a medic if shot. Players stay still for a count of 50 Mississippi, then bleed out if not treated by a Medic or assisted by a live player. Dead players can be moved by a live player. The count stops when being treated/assisted but must resume if abandoned or the player/Medic is killed while assisting. Dead players may move out of a fire fight lane. Players can reinsert from any flag that is their colour. Players can not reinsert from the same flag they were shot out of. Once your card is punched, you are live, and you cannot begin to play until you touch a flag that is your colour.
  • Each team will be allowed a set number of Machine guns for base defence. 2 for now.  Full auto guns are allowed to use a 3-shot burst.  If the mag does not come off, the gun must stay on the field barrel socked when not in use.

Game Scores

  • Pull a flag +10 points.
  • Complete an objective of +50 – 100 points.
  • Gold bars +10 points.
  • Gas can +20 points.
  • Briefcase +10 points.
Canada Day