Outdoor Tour and Maps

Each Map can be played in a variety of ways, making for endless numbers of games that can be played. Stock up on lots of balls and play them ALL!!

Your Group will play each adventure separately in rotation. Just like playing individual holes on a golf course. Have a favorite? Your host will make sure you play the adventures of your choice. Most groups can fit 6 – 8 different missions into a 1/2 day and play many of them from both sides.

During MEGA Games all the fields may be in play at the same time… This is an aerial view of our maps. 


The Town

With 20+ buildings the possibilities are endless,

Juno Beach

Play out the D-day landing of Canadian troops on Juno Beach. Take the beach head, eliminate the enemy snipers and push ahead to secure the enemy radar instillation. Push! Push.. … move up, German reinforcements arrive in 10 minutes, you have to get to that radar bunker,, Move it!!

Black Hawk Down

Not shown on this map, The Chopper is down just between Tower Tag, .. In this scenario your squad is pinned down and surrounded by bad guys… hold them off till help arrives or push through to the town to make your get away.

The Mounds

This is a Classic Map. One of the first cometion fields ever was “the mounds in Pitsburg. We have recreated that field and then added to it. Consider it a maze of 8-10 foot earth mounds. Heart stoping, intense action. Go get thier flag and bring it homw, or play it as 3 flags.


Another Classic field. This is how it was done back in the day of the best known players in the world. Fast paced non stop action.

Thunder Dome (The castle)

This is a 26,000 square foot complex that has multiple levels and 70 feet of underground tunnels.. ITS JUST COOL!

Hazard County

3 acres of natural bush with 2 log cabins and 2, 2 story forts… a woodsballer’s dream come true..

Hill Billy or The Moonshine Shack

The feds are planning a sneak attack on the Still,, Stop them from getting into the cabin and seeing the families money maker..

A Bridge To Far

Reserved for Big games and special groups.. get to it and control the flag on the bridge,,, This is a very challenging mission

The Kill zone.(NEW!)

Raise the flag in the centre of the field as many times as you can, ENDLESS lives make this a very fast paced, exciting game. A definite favorite!

Tank Attack

Your patrol has gun out to search for fuel and left one player to guard the tank.. Time for the guerrillas to attack!! Keep control of the tank, and take out the enemy base